Is tamazepam a narcotic?


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Tamazepam is a prescription only medication which is used in the treatment of sleeping difficulties such as insomnia i.e It should not be used recreationally as it is a controlled substance not meant for such use.

Whether or not you consider it a narcotic comes down to how you define narcotics in the first place.

The word "narcotic" originally comes from the Greek word for "sleep", and was used to denote substances that were both psychoactive and sleep-inducing. This definition could easily apply to tamazepam.

However, the waters have been muddied as the word narcotics has more recently become used for describing any controlled or illegal psychoactive substance - for example, cocaine, which is actually the opposite of sleep-inducing: it's a stimulant.

And as with all strong medication, if used incorrectly (i.e recreationally or similar) tamazepam can become very addictive and the effects similar to illegal narcotics.

Side effects of using temazepam

As it is used as a sleeping aid, temazepam can cause the user to feel sleepy as it causes the brain to go into a drowsy state.

In extreme cases it can also cause nausea and vomiting, plus dizziness and loss of awareness.

Temazepam can especially harmful to those whom are dealing with mental health issues as it is also used as a tranquilizer, therefore it is extremely important that you consult a doctor before taking this medication.

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