I Am Writing A Report On Teenage Pregnancy For My Speech Class, And I Need A 3rd Main Pt.


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One really difficult thing about teenage pregnancy is that teenagers are usually not mature enough to understand the demands of a baby or a toddler. Also, it can be expensive to raise children, and teenagers rarely have enough money to look after a child properly.
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Just a thought...maybe your third point could be...the rise in the amount of single parent families  in the last twenty years (since teen moms often remain single).  
Or, I typed in "teenage pregnancy" on Yahoo and a lot of different sites popped up.  Here's a good one, with 7 different points...

Good luck in Speech Class!
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I need points on preventing teenage pregnancy
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How about addressing the likelihood of children who are born to teen parents also becoming teen parents themselves?
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Your first point should be the rate of teen pregnancy in society like in various countries... The second should be some biased reasons.. And prevention... And the role of society in overcoming the situation of the girl

How about the difficulties of all teens to graduate, let alone a pregnant teen! Graduation has plumented in a quick downward spiral. It is quite scarey!
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I am doing a speech on teen pregnancy and im acutally in class right now writing it up. We need three main points to it and my first is how it affects the teen and her life. My second one is what do you do with the baby? And the third is do you stay in school ? Or is it alright to stay out and go back later.
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I just googled "points for teenage pregnancy" and this kinda helped me! Thank you , and i hope i do good on my oratory speech! >.
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Some real fact for teen pregnancy, drop out school, live ugly stretch marks on ones body, stress out, no freedom, no partying...ewww yuck

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