Does Extra Strength STRIP Natural Cleanser Work To Clean Your Body 100% From Marijuana?


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The only way you’ll be able to get marijuana out of your system is to actually stop taking it, and by letting your body recover over time. Extra strength STRIP natural cleanser will not work to get rid of this illegal substance from your body, as the substance is rather difficult to completely get rid of.

It’s also rather difficult to know how long it takes for marijuana to leave your body naturally. Given that there are many variables, like your age, your gender, your size, your weight and the amount of marijuana you have taken for whatever amount of time, marijuana can remain in the body for days or even weeks. Hence, the only way that you’ll ever get marijuana out of your body is to let your body recover from the abuse you have been making it suffer through.

Rather than worrying about how long it will take for marijuana to leave your system, or what you could do to get the substance out of your system, you should instead be concerned about the damage that you are doing to your body. Believe it or not, marijuana is incredibly addictive and can completely destroy your life.

Not only will the illegal substance eventually make you an addict, but it will destroy your family life and completely drain you of your financial resources. This means that your quality of life will be very much compromised in the future, suggesting that a life of taking an illegal substance every day really isn’t worth living. If you’re serious about getting it out of your system, then stop taking the drug. If you feel like you need to, then enroll in a drug rehab center in your local area. They’ll be able to help you more than anybody else.
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You are wrong. Marijuana has absolutely no addictive properties. Nobody's life is destroyed because of it. The people you refer to this happening were on a path of self destruction without the marijuana or else it wouldn't have happened. Their life would be destroyed because of who they are, not what they smoke. Quit buying into the right wing propaganda and learn some facts. Dead beats don't need weed to be dead beats and not even EVIL MARIJUANA can keep a good man down.
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I weigh well over 200 pounds.  I went for a voluntary drug test at my docs office to get into a school.  I tested on Monday...Doc called on Tuesday to tell me I failed and to come in again that day and try.  He told me to get the Strip from GNC. I went right to the store..took it and went to the doc 2 hours later and passed.  Worked for me.
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It will not clean you out, but it will let you pass a test for up to 6 hours. Ive used it 4 times for probation and no problems
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My girl didnt smoke 2 weeks prior to the test and drank strip from gnc 3 days prior to the test and passed one note it says on the bottle it says works best people under 160 lbs true testimonially
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It doesn't matter what drinks or cleansers you use. You may be able to block marijuana from showing up on a test right after you take the cleanser, but you will not remove the marijuana from your system. The only thing that gets rid of marijuana from your system is time. Everything else is BS.

I got certified in giving drug screens just so I might find ways around testing for drugs. There isn't any way to avoid it. Those cleansers only mask the results but will show up with test results that are completely jacked up, but will hide the THC in your system.

Many places will test you again if you show suspicion like this.
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As a House Manager in a Tx facility, majiuana has shown up in UA's for 30 plus days, it just depends on the usage and the metabolism. It's good that you are quiting, its really a gateway to other stuff. Or it was for me . If everyone I knew just smoked weed then I would have only smoked weed, but where there's weed , there's meth, pills, coke, heroin, and all those opportuntities to try stuff that you never even heard of. Stay clean...:)
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It isn't a gateway drug. It actually works the other way. Many true stoners enjoy other drugs but never get too heavy into them because that would cut into their weed funds. Plus people that do other drugs would still be doing those drugs even if weed didn't exist. I even know of a few cases where weed was used as a replacement drug to aid people in quitting the bad stuff. The gateway drug concept is as warped as believing that sex is a gateway to rape.
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No. There is nothing that will clean out THC. It is like sludge running in your veins and will take up to 30 days to get out of your system. THC is a very potent drug and does take a while to get out. Don't be fooled into thinking you can cheat the drug tests because you can't. There is something on the test that picks up any substances that are tried by the individual.

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