Does Surejell Work To Clean Your System?


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I have tried the sur-gel method and it does work
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Surejell is actually a  product which claims to pass a person on a urine drug test. You need to mix it with a gallon of water and then drink all the water. Basically it dilutes the urine so that it is not detectable in the test.

However, most of the urine analysis catch these urine "diluters"  because they actually raise the amino acids to unnaturally high levels.

Now about Surejell, it does not work to pass the test. It would get you caught on high amino acid level. So there is no point in taking it. However there are a few tips that might get you through the test such as :

- Drink a gallon or two of water all the day and urine constantly. This will turn your pee completely clear.  Then Take a multivitamin an hour before the test and it will yellow your pee again. Collect the urine mid stream when you are taking the test.

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I'm not sure if it works but I'm going to try it tomorrow and I'll let everybody know. I smoke everyday between 6 to 9 blunts a day so if it works for me it should work for anybody.....
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Sure Jell doesn't clean the system. It only works for THC and holds the drug back in your system when you urinate so you pass a drug test.
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Sure-jell does not clean out your system. It coats the inside of your stomach so that when you piss, you're pissing straight water. You mix it with about 20 oz of water then drink it about an hour and a half before your test. Pee one time after that to get anything out of your bladder that was already there. Then your second pee is clean.
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Try plenty og drinks with vit c  not sure if the other stuff works but vit c orange and other fruits have acetic acids that lessen drug presence
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It does not clean your system, but it passes the test. I'm doing it tomorrow because I have court.
Make sure you drink LOTS of water or else you will have a horrible stomach ache and everything you try to eat will just come back up.
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Sure Jell works by attaching itself to the THC and holds it within the body. So when you do this you must drink 4 glasses of water, drink another glass with the Sure Jell in it, and finally you must drink an additional 4 more glasses of water. For maximum results, complete this 2 hours before the drug test and you will pee clean.
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Yes. It does clean your system, but in Ohio county they will put it in the refrigerator over night an the next morning if its jell-o they will know you used sure jell its smart

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