Is There A Pill To Tighten Your Vagina?


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There are certainly various pills that claim to help in tightening vaginal muscles, but I'm not convinced they work at all!

The internet is full of 'miracle cures' for all sorts of problems, and whilst there's no harm in reading up on them, I always take what I read with a pinch of salt.

Taking a pill to tighten your vagina

If you're interested in the type of creams and pills that claim to tighten the vaginal muscles, sites like might seem useful to you.

Apsense is one of those blogging sites where people post articles about things they're interested in.

The article on the Apsense website that I had the opportunity to read was full of praise for these 'vaginal tightening products'.

However, on closer inspection, there are several reasons to be wary:

Firstly, the article is written by a guy called Peter Filinovich.

Secondly, the picture that accompanies Peter Filinovich looks suspiciously like a Peruvian goat-herder.

Thirdly, according to Peter Filinovich's contribution history on the site, he happens to have an interest in diabetes cures, maintaining erections, and treating acne.

Whilst it might sound like I'm picking on poor Peter Filinovich, I really think his article sums up all the websites out there that claim to have miracle cures for things like vaginal tightening: He appears to be a scammer, flogging products for all sorts of common ailments.

So how do you really tighten your vagina?
Women who are interested in tightening their vaginas can successfully do so through two 'non-scammy' methods:

Pelvic floor exercises- exercises that can strengthen the muscles of the vagina and bladder.
Vaginoplasty- Surgery to the vagina that can 'rejuvenate' or tighten various muscles.

So if you want to get guaranteed results, stick to the methods that are scientifically-proven to work, and steer clear of the opportunistic bloggers!
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caroline answered
I think that the pill is nonsense.

Doing pelvic floor exercises every day is the only non-surgical option (with or without a weighted cone).

Of course, if you have the money you can have surgery and get yourself a designer vagina!
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zoe carvell answered
Hey, I'm calling bull on the whole tablet thing!

The only non-surgical way to tighten your vagina is by strengthening your pelvic floor muscles.

I'd suggest you do some research and invest in a pelvic toner, they're even available on e-bay now!
Just 10 minutes a day and you'll soon see an improvement.

Good Luck!
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I am not aware of any pill for this that work.

However, I did not even know about the toner, but I do know that something called Kegel exercises do help.

These are exercises to tighten the pelvic floor muscles, along with the bladder muscles.

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