Is It Safer To Wear Pads Or Tampons?


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Stick to pads so you get all the blood out a tampon just leaves a little bad blood in you.
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I feel pads are safer because if you forget to change a tampon then you can get a serious infection called Toxic Shock Syndrome. This infection has symptoms at first that are just like the flue so it can be hard to discern from the flue and Toxic Shock Syndrome and by the time you get to the doctor and it is diagnosed it may be to late.
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I have been one to suffer heavy periods, Both are safe however every women has their differences and may be more comfy with pads, If you decide to use tampons just make sure you change regularly and don't leave one in over-night. Go with what your comfortable with whether it be a pad or a tampon.
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Thanks for the feedback ladies!!! By the way I've never worn a tampon and I never will... Studies show that less than 63% of a womans menstrual is not drained when wearing tampons, at 63% being the highest amount of blood still left...doesn't that worry you tampon users?
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i say pads are safer and do not leave residual fluid in the body which can cause toxic shock syndrome. i have never used tampons they look uncomfy. I once knew a girl who forgot she had a tampon in and when her husband and her had sex, he could feel it, it had been in her for a few weeks. that could've been real dangerous- it was in bad shape
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I prefer pads.. Coz..I think tampons can cause some growth of bacterias when it's not being removed after 6-8hrs. And, you know the feeling that there's ventilation that comes in and out of you when you have your period. And imagining that tampon's full already leave it there for an hour or;s kinda gross
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They both are very safe but I would stick with pads
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I agree, pads are safer. If you have really heavy periods and are done with having babies, you could have a procedure called endometrial ablation, which will reduce or even halt the periods altogether.
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I prefer to wear maxi pads they are much moor comfortable I wear them everyday is it wrong to wear maxi pads as a guy I wear them all the time... Glenn
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I wear a Always Pad with wings in my panties and a tampon. I have a real period about every 28 days. I change my tampon about every four hours. My period usually last about five days. I also wear a Kotex Pad after my wife slips the diaphram into me after sex.

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