I'm Having White Stuff Coming Out My Vagina.What Is That? Because I'm Scared.


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Having white discharge from the vagina is nothing to be alarmed about and is the reason why many women carry an extra pair of clean underwear in their handbags! Discharge can often begin at puberty and continues until after the menopause and is caused by the vagina naturally cleaning itself out.
Normal discharge is clear/white and may have a slightly musky smell.
The discharge may vary in consistency on occasions, especially before or after a period- other causes for a change in discharge can be down to sexual arousal or pregnancy.

There are cases where unusual changes in your discharge can be indicative of conditions like chlamydia. Another thing to watch out for is if the discharge becomes significantly thicker, takes on a form that resembles cottage cheese, or becomes particularly unpleasant in odor.
All these can be symptoms of bacterial infections such as thrush, and a green/yellow tinged discharge might be an indication of a more serious condition such as gonorrhoea or trichomoniasis.

As with any questions regarding your health, the best course of action when in doubt is to speak to a trained medical professional.

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Savannah Weddle
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What if it smells like blood???I'm 12 and I've been getting this forabout a month and iI dontdon't have my period yet and iI hhaven't started it!
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Wow and not one person ever suggested that she might be ovulating after reading all these spine tingling answers...I'm scared! I do however like J-9's response. Usually some women before or after their menstrual experience a thick Egg white like mucus (most of the time normally 14days after your period but every woman is different also keeping in mind how long your period last also). If you have a period that last a total of 7 consecutive days then yes it would be possible to ovulate directly after your period rather that 14 full days after your period. Myself speaking, ovulate some kinda crazy and can always tell when I'm ovulating (I know my body better than anyone and have studied it for years) Some days After my period (and I've noticed several days before my period if not after but never both)I can go to the bathroom to urinate and thick Egg white light yellowish mucus comes right out (best example: If you've have unprotected sex and semen is released inside of you and the old saying what goes up must come down happens) without having to wipe and theres no smell or odor of no kind no itch no irritation no bumps NO YEAST INFECTION!!! And my cervix would feel a little achy and some women myself included have an increase in their sex drive. This (mucus) would last for a couple of days and eventually stop. Always Always consult with your physician if you're unsure about anything, you know your body better than anyone and its your duty to protect it. So I know this response is late but hopefully this will be helpful to someone. Other Ladies had good answers but were just missing another valuable piece to the puzzle
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Discharges don't "always" have a smell. Could be a chemical imbalance..Wearing tight (non- breathable undergarments) like  bathingsuits,  pantyhose,  non-cotton crotch panties, can be a cause..
Even takeing antibiotics can cause it. We have good bacteira in our body...
And bad..
Changes in this mix can cause the discharges..We call this haveing a  "Yeast" infection. To get back on yogurt (it's got lots of good bacteira) use a light vinegar douce to cear out the buildup and hepl these chemicals get back to the right levels..many are readily available (premixed) at your drugstore. Don't douce everyday.
If you have been sexually active (and have not use protection) this also could be an wont just go away. 
Hope this helps.   
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You could do what all these people said or you could listen to me it might be a yeast infection or it could be "Discharge" which is completely normal for some females especially after having kids. It's white liquidy, and doesn't really smell, but not itchy at all. It seep out at the weirdest of times too, pantie liners will help for those little wet spot in your undies. It's really no cure for it and it is completely harmful. Just keep your body clean.
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I will on occasion get something very similar within a day or two before my period.  My doctor said it was just the uterin lining starting to sluff.  In my case there was no worry, but every  body is different.  Call the doc. Don't be embarrassed, and don't know what is and is not normal for your body.
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Sounds like discharge, and if it has an odor it could be a bacterial infection... Is she itching.. Before I started my period as a kid I had discharge and the doc said it was normal.
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I am 11 and I have a discharge it doesn't really matter I was scared too so I looked it up and it is just what happens between the time when you start puberty and when you start your period
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It is probably a yeast infection - very common. Nothing to be ashamed of. As heavy dodge said - you can buy stuff in shops for it. In the UK you can buy it in chemists and supermarkets, the most common brand name is Canesten. The most effective treatment is quite pricey but worth it, especially if you have itching as well, and that is a combination of a tablet which you swallow, a pessary which you insert in your vagina, and some cream which you can use on the outside if your skin is inflamed. Another method, which can be a bit messy (!) is LIVE yoghurt (with no sugar, flavour or sweetener in it) - eat it and slap it in and on the offending area, it's very soothing and the microbes in the live yoghurt make a balanced environment which the yeast spores don't like. This is good if you don't have a job or school to go to and can stay indoors all day, but if you have to go out you won't want to be squelching about with yoghurt in your pants, so get something from the store and/or see your doctor. Your doc will have seen this many times as it is very common, so don't be shy about it.
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The white stuff is normal, and I would just wear pads, this should protect your undies. Usually about a week to 10 days before your cycle starts
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It might be a normal yeast infection... Or something more... Like a bladder infection... Or a uti..... Switch the soap that she is using and only use white cotton underwear.. That may help.. And make her drink cranberry juice.. These are all things that I had to do and they worked... Good luck..

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