I Am A Male And Have Skin Tags On My Penis. My Wife Wants To Remove Them By Snipping Them What Can I Do Id Also Like To Get Rid Of Them?


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Cut my penis off yes or no
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Don't let her cut them off herself you will bleed like buggery! Also, it will hurt, will scab up, may get infected and probably be worse than they are now. Go to a doctor and get it done properly
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You should contact with a general surgeon and go for surgery. This is very good idea to do this because one of the causes of urinary tract infection is this skin tag. By removing this you can avoid at least one contributing factor of UTI. Doctor will remove it by giving local anesthesia and after that he will give you pain killer. So, do not worry about pain.
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I would go to the doctor to get them removed where they know what their doing and can give you antibiotics for possible infection
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I cut my skin tag off my penis now its all white around the area and I have a foreskin mabe thats whats causing it because its not healing real well
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The last thing you want to do is let your wife do that.  You need everything sterile and clean, I sure a doctor will do it out patient just like vasectomys. And in case of emergency and there is bleeding they will be well equipped to handle it and if you are a good boy they might give you a sucker so be good and behave.
Good luck so make an appointment or don't make me do it for you. Hahaha you will be in and out before you know it and I am sure you will never even have any pain. I have had enough and never had pain. Last surgery was a hysterectomy never had and pain was home 8 hours after the surgery home with great pain stuff and eating in-n-out that night so like they said don't worry.  My husband is sitting here he will not stop talking if I ever asked him if I could do that I would be afraid of his answer, that is his pride and joy no one touches the baby, please go to a doctor and good luck, hubby will be thinking of you.
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Hi floppy,

By no means should you allow your wife to clip your skin tags!

I suggest that you find a qualified dermatologist being sure to confirm that he is an MD as well (which will allow him to prescribe meds for you).

The dermatologist will perform the removal of the tag(s) in his office using a local anesthetic and send you home with pain meds.

Best of luck and I hope it all turns out well for you. And your wife!


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