Are There Any Shampoos That Clean Your Hair From THC?


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There are currently no shampoos that will rid your hair of THC, although some may mask it.

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the main psychoactive substance in cannabis. THC can stay in your system for up to 30 days depending on the amount of cannabis smoked. This can be down both to the metabolism of the individual as well as the strength of the cannabis itself.

The substance, however, can stay in your hair for up to three years. This is because it attaches itself to your hair follicles, like most other drugs, as they leave the body. This is the reason that hair testing for drug use is becoming more and more common, as it is far more reliable than simple urine testing.

Hair testing is a process where hair specimens are tested for drug use. The length of a donor's hair is the only time limitation when detecting drug use by analysing hair. Hair testing offers the best window of detection and the collection of the hair is safe and simple, as well as being extremely cost effective when compared to other testing methods.

The method is donor friendly and is dependable and accurate. The only disadvantage is that very recent drug use may not be detected as it takes up to a week for the drug to try to leave the body and to attach itself to the hair follicles. If the donor has no hair on their head then body hair can be used in some circumstances.

Test reports are kept on file as required by law; negative test results are kept for one year and positive test results for three years. There are some home hair drug tests on the market. These can be used in conjunction with a shampoo that claims to rid the hair of toxins, but they may not be reliable.
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Not usually. Everything you put into your system goes into your hair.
A strong chelating shampoo (like L'anza step one of the Ultimate Treatment) or something formulated for swimmer's hair will take some things out... Like pot... But there's no guarantee. The stronger drugs like Cocaine and speed cannot be removed from your hair completely.

I've been a hairstylist for 21 years... This is why I know these things. Drugs in the hair can cause a perm or haircolor to go bad very easily...
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The medicine/drug may leave your bloodstream after a certain amount of time but will stay in your hair forever, or until you cut it off. Drugs actually infuse themselves inside the hair follicle as they leave the body. This is why they do drug testing with hair these days instead of blood and urine testing.
There is no known shampoo that will remove the presence of drugs from the hair.
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There are shampoos that claim to clean hair for hair follicle testing. I doubt they work since hair is stripped of a few layers before it is tested.
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THC is abbreviation for Tetrahydrocannabinol. This is present in narcotic analgesic. THC can not be removed from the hair by any shampoo. It will take almost 100 days to get out from your hair automatically.
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You need to purchase a home hair drug test and a bottle of shampoo that claims to rid the hair of toxins and try it for yourself. People on these blogs always have negative information. According to most, the Carbo detox drinks don't work for urine tests, but it worked for me! It gets confusing because there's always so much conflicting information on the web and it can be very stressful. Let us all just pray to Jesus, Jah & Buddha that the bill by Arnold in California passes so we can all have peace of mind... "legalize it yeah, yeah & don't you criticize it..."
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No shampoos will not work. I recently went with my fiance to watch them do a hair folicle test on him. The drugs will show up in the hair diff. For men and women. For men to pass one they must be clean for 60-90 days, that is how long the proof stays in the hair. For women, it is 90-120 days. There are no other ways around it.
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I do not think there are  any shampoos that work. I know for the urine test there are things you can do. Go to the GNC store and buy something to clean out the toxins in your body try some dandruff shampoo. That's about all I know that might work. When it comes to an hair follicle drugs test I don't think any thing works drugs can stay in our body for years. And I don't think any thing helps.
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I'm afraid you are out of luck. Labs can see what you have been doing for the past 3 months. They test the hair and the follicle. There is no known shampoo that will strip the drugs out. Even if you shave your head bald, they will puck it from somewhere else.
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Zydot ultra clean does not work. At all. It is a rip off. And they do not refund money either. Spread the word. It's false hope for those who would probably just give up drugs. Do not trust chemicals that claim 2 seal hair shafts as the tests wash the hair first. Also do not trust   anything that you have not researched on as many forums
As possible. I have yet 2 find any that work.
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I'm 250 lb I tested positiv on a urin test after 2months of no weed but I smoaked a lot every day about 1gram a day chronic. 1.5 years ago I took a hair and piss  test after 6 weeks no smoking and used the ultra clear shampoo did the 3 steps it took almoast 1 hour but nothing for the urin and I tested posetive that dident tell me wich one got me.
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There are no shampoos that will remove THC from your hair because THC grows in the hair not on it.
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NO, THC is grown in the hair through the blood system, so it is in your hair not on it.
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Both of my sons have dandruff and they use baby oil in their hair and then shampoo with a prescription shampoo.

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