Is there any THC in marijuana roots ?


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Actually, no. They have been using Cannabis roots for other medicines and various cures for years and found that the root actually off sets and deletes THC in your system. Check out this article about it as it's quite interesting.

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THC and CBD are two main cannabinoids included in CBD oil. They make you feel "high". Cbd oil and hemp oil are both made from hemp plant, though hemp oil has absolutely another effect and is added to food as a supplement. There is a good article about hemp oil vs cbd oil, I'm sure you will find all answers there.

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If you want to learn more about marijuana and things like cbd/hemp oil, I know a website where you can find a lot of info. Here is one article from there - what are cbd terpenes and what do they do . Quite interesting, huh?

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No, marijuana roots are free of THC, Tetrahydrocannabinol is concentrated in leaves mostly. If you want to avoid THC, choose medical sorts of weed (I enjoy vaping medical cannabis with special dry herb vape pen vaporizer Yocan Evolve D Plus ).

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