Where Is My Prostate And How Do I Massage It?


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Wow, what a loaded question (no pun intended). I believe due to the location it's difficult for a man to stimulate his own prostate glade. He needs another person to stimulate it. Prostate gland is located between the man's bladder and rectum.
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I hope readers realize that a high percentage of answers they will find in websites such as this are authored by laymen with opinions best suited for no one other than themselves. Questions of health or medical nature should always be addressed to a licensed health practitioner before acted upon. Unfortunately, sexuality has been given a bad rap primarily by religion, tradition and dysfunction which has been passed on for generations I believe began with legal mutilation of the male genitalia, otherwise known as circumcision. There are few instances when circumcision need be performed for medical reasons while the majority were performed as tradition or religions ceremony. I feel ripped!
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How interesting when we speak of G Spots when referring to females it is all about sex. When referring to male G spots, its all about cancer. What a shame it is Christianity has enabled legal mutilation of the male genitalia and hundreds of years later our society has serious issues with sexuality, a natural function for a healthy human body to be celebrated in lieu of false guilt inflicted by generations of dysfunctional and uneducated people This is a barbaric act of zealots which should be outlawed.

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