How Do Doctors Operate For Prostate Cancer?


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The first thing that should be describes before going for the description of cure of the disease is the description of disease itself. The term 'prostrate cancer can be attributed to the cancer that happens in prostrate, a gland that is found in the reproductive systems of males.

When you are talking about the operation or surgery of the person who is suffering from the prostrate cancer, doctors usually remove the prostrate itself from the body. This treatment is called prostatectomy and this treatment is applied to the kind of cancer which is in early stage. This treatment also involves two different types and they are called radical retropubic prostatectomy and radical parineal prostatectomy. The first one involves the removal of prostate glands through abdominal incision and the second one involves the incision of perineum.
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Newer procedures are nearly painless compared to surgery.
Doctor implants a radioactive seed into the tumor, the seed melts in a few weeks.

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