What Is The Difference Between An Abortion And A DNC At Five To Nine Weeks?


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An abortion is when they pull the baby out and can be done at anytime and a dnc is when they just bust the little surrounding that the embryo is in and can only be done with in 5 to 9 weeks
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JMK09 ... You mentioned 5 to 9 weeks is a suitable time for DNC. Please help me to clear my mind that whether DNC can be done after 16 or 17 days of conception? It is very serious question, please reply must. Is the minimum time is 5 weeks? If it is less than 5 weeks, say 2 weeks, DNC is justified or the related Gynaecologist did professional mistake?
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An abortion is a womb scraping and a DNC is where they insert a balloon like instrument and inflate in inside you. This loosens the blood lining (kind of brings on a heavy flow) and is less intrusive.
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I never had an abortion nor do I know anyone who has,but a DNC is a scraping of the womb, the womb is stretched and scraped,sometime this is needed and will help women that have some type of female problems,some cases a woman can have a DNC and it will help relieve the problem that a woman may have thought could only be helped if she has a historectomy .

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