Can I Still Get Pregnant After A DNC Done? How Can I Become Pregnant With Twins?


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Well I had been trying to pregnant for two years an when I did finally get pregnant I lost my child an I was only 2 months. Its been 3 weeks since my surgery and me an my husband has already made our baby so yes you can get pregnant after a dnc
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After a miscarriage and having a d&c, it is best to wait one cycle at least, so your system has time to get back to normal.  Yet some doctors will suggest at least 6 months.  You don't always have to wait, but you need to get a blood tests a hcg quant and make sure your hcg quant the pregnancy hormone has left your system.  It needs to be 0 and then you can try once again.  After a d&c, it takes a few days to hit 0 at times.  You are more likely to get pregnant right away too.  For twins your doctor would need to put you on fertility pills like clomid which has bad side effects, if you want to try for twins.  I doubt they would suggest that though.  Take it easy, and go slow.  Good luck.
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My friend had a DNC done and now has 3 beautiful little girls.
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Did you know that when you are on the pill you don't ovulate. Doctors tell you not to try for a few months after you quit the pill not because of the risk of birth defects, but because the risk of multiple births! After being on the pill sometimes a woman will release multiple eggs all at once.
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My  girlfriend had a pregnancy   we decided to take it a way so  she took some pills and though that she had a miscarriage so we went to the Hospital for d&c since then I have been sleeping with her for four good times  but  may be aday or two after the  sex she takes some pills and am asking can she still  get pregnant again  is been two mouths now when he did the d&c
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Yes,you can get pregnancy after dilation and curettage. But it depends upon your normal hormonal levels and normal sperm count of your partner. To get pregnancy, have complete examination and hormonal tests. In case of any problem, get treatment. Twin pregnancy is by chance under natural conditions.

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