What Insect Bite Would Cause A Huge Blister And Swelling?


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Everybody reacts differently to insect bites, so a bite that could cause one person to swell up and blister, could have little effect on another person who has a different immune system or may have allergies to nothing or different things.

What Is Most Likely To Cause Swelling?

Tick bites and bug bites can cause blisters but the most likely insect to cause a blister would be a bite from a spider. Brown Recluse spider bites are known to form a large purple irregularly shaped blister surrounded by a red ring. During the day preceding the bite, the blister opens and an ulcerated area forms. This looks like an infected crater forming at the bite.

What Should I Do Next?
If you suspect this bite, you should see your doctor immediately. This ulcerated area can continue to enlarge if not treated promptly by a physician. This brown spider has a dark-orange violin-shaped mark on its head and tends to live in dark, dry places such as vacation homes or abandoned houses. If possible, take the spider with you to your doctor or ER to help them with the diagnosis and medication.

Is This All Normal?

It is fairly common for insect bites to swell up a few hours after you have been bitten, this can be worsened by itching and scratching the bite or the area around it. Swollen bites can also ooze a clear fluid which is also worsened by scratching, particularly if scabs are formed and then scratched off. Bee and wasp stings are well known for swelling up and many people can be allergic to bee or wasp stings which intensifies the swelling.
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I gotten bitten a year ago from a spider. It came out in large blisters. I had antibiotics for 3 months. It was very painful and sore. Now it has come back again. My arm is sore I have blisters that break open all the time.
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I wish I could help you I am going through the same thing with my son. He is on an oral antibiotics and a cream antibiotic for a week now and the blister is still there after it has already pursed out, he is still complaining it is very sore. I hope you and myself can figure out what is going on & I hope your son is OK.
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Please do keep a close eye on it. Your son is too young to do so and his doctor is probably too busy to follow up. If it turns out to be a spider bite, it may be extremely dangerous and he must seek medical help fast. A young boy can also go into shock.
Do find out more on the Recluse Spider bite, and you'll see why. It is very common, and I do speak from experience.
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In fact no body can tell that what is that. Either insect bite or any thing else. If it is insect bite, then which insect can be blamed. Now only thing is to get rid of this blister and inflammation. If the blister contain puss the drain it with incision and if it contain clear or cloudy fluid also drain it and apply topical antibiotic in bandage. To avoid infection give him oral antibiotic as well.

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