What Would Cause Swelling Of Hands And Then Blue Fingers?


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You could have something called Raynaud's disease. This is a disease where the fingers or toes, when cold, or when the person suffers stress, follow three steps: Patchy white areas, sometimes with numbness, which is caused by spasm of the small arteries in the fingers or toes, followed by the same patchy areas turning blue, caused by lack of oxygen to these areas, and finally, when the digits warm up again, stinging redness, as the blood flows back into the blood vessels which have been closed. This is caused by vasospasm, or spasm of the blood vessels, is usually found in women, and some say can be relieved with taking fish oil capsules. There are two types of Raynaud's: Primary: Which is simply caused by spasming of the blood vessels, and secondary: Caused by blockage of the arteries above the fingers or toes, usually by PAD, or peripheral artery disease. The swelling can come with the primary, which is called, technically, Raynaud's syndrome. Print this and take it to your doctor, and see what he or she says.
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You may have a condition called Raynaud's Disease or Raynaud's Syndrome. Raynaud's is noted for following a pattern of color changes in the fingers or toes, is usually caused by cold, or stress, and is most common in women. It starts with cold digits, and the digital arteries spasm or shut down. This is followed by white patchy areas in the areas affected. Then blue, due to lack of oxygen, and when the digits finally get warm again ( I have it; use warm water), stinging red as the vessels open and are re-oxygenated. There are two types of Raynaud's: Primary, which is just vasospasm, and secondary: Caused by blockages of the arteries above the fingers (in the arms), or toes (feet or legs). Swelling usually occurs with primary Raynaud's syndrome. Secondary Raynaud's is called Raynaud's disese. Print this and take it to your doctor. Some physicians prescribe fish oil capsules as a treatment.
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Blue is lack of circulation, if your hand is swollen that bad, go to the hospital before you loose your hands or worse.

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