If Your Pelvic Hurts During Your Menstrual Cycle Can That Mean You Are Miscarrying?


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No I do not believe that its a miscarriage because I have the same problem.

Regular period pain is different from this. Although I have pain all over my abdomen and down my back. It's like a shooting pain or a throbbing pain sometimes. And I have pain all the way down so that sometimes its hard for me to sit down. Which I'm not exactly sure is normal myself. Does this sound close to what you have at all? I've been also seeking answers myself even though I've had this for a long time - it was worse this time around. I've read some things that say it could be or could be linked to something called Endometriosis or something like that.
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If you've not missed a period its unlikely you're pregnant/miscarrying. Most women will get period pain at some time or another, its quite normal. Take painkillers and if its really bad a hot water bottle on the stomach can help.
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Lady; the miscarriage take after 16 weeks of pregnancy. Before 16 weeks it is called abortion. The abdominal pain in early abortion is not present. The cramps in your abdomen are due to increased levels of prostaglandins. Take any pain killer during periods.
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'Lady;' in 'early abortion' as you call it, miscarriage to most other people, it is most certainly possible to have abdominal pain.

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