Ouch! My Back Hurts During My Menstrual Cycle. Why?


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Period cramps are a normal phenomena experienced by more than 50% women around the world during their periods. Be careful of the following:
- Don't Use painkillers
- Use herbal teas such as Lemon Balm, Black Haw, Blessed Thistle, Wild Marjoram, Red Raspberry
- Don't use tampoons
- Drink lots and lots of water
- Avoid salty food and alcohol during periods.
- focus on vegetables and fruits
- Avoid, tea, coffee, dairy products and soy products
- Warm bath is good for pains
- Use essential oils
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What's so wrong with painkillers? Oils, water, nummy plants are all great, but what's so wrong about anti-inflammatory drugs that reduce inflammation and bleeding?

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