Would Like To Delay My Period? With Out Going To Doctor.


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Well if you want to delay your period and you are going out of town my friend used to take birth control pills  like one a day a couple of days before she was supposed to start for like  a week and it would delay her period. It works but it will mess your cycle up . That's the only thing I know to do. But it is best to just stay on your cycle and not mess it up and take aleve like like 3 or 4 days before you start that will help you have a less painful period when you do start I have painful periods and that's what my doctor told me to do it helps better than messing you cycle up I do not know how healthy it is to delay your period. Its best to do things the healthy way. Aleve helps with pain also during your period and your cycle will stay on track .
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If your taking birth control pills.... my doctor said to skip your period all you have to do is when you get on the last row of active pills go straight into the next pack. And that should help but it may mess up your cycle.
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Well you can not really delay your period I have started my period to. But it happens to everyone just hang in there. I know its scary but it is the way it has to be do not worry it will be over soon also when you do start your period you have to weir a bra NOT a padded bra just like well,,,, you know vests it is just like that but the bottom half of the vest is not there. OK I hope this advise will help you bi oxoxo

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