My Dad Is Half Black And My Mom Is White. I Came Out White. A Girl Just Had A Baby And She Is Saying Its Mine. The Baby Is Pretty Dark Colored. Is There A Chance That Because My Dad Is Half Black I Could Have A Dark Skinned Kid?


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I have a cousin and she and her african american husband (a very dark man) had a child and he is blond and blue eyed, and she had to get dna to convince her husband and it is his kid! So if that can happen... It could be your child... But dna don't lie. So get a test!
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Eliza Perdouis answered
Yes, of course.
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It is possible that you passed along genes for darker skin, but I'd demand a paternity test if she tries to sue you for child support.
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It could happen.  If you have doubts get a test.  I have two mixed babies one is dark and one is really light every baby is different.  If two brown eyed people can have a blue eyed child then anything is possible.
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Children draw on ancestry, so it most likely is your child,you must have had sex with her otherwise no way you could be the dad, but there is always DNA testing......the best to you

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