Do you think I am pregnant?I had s*x two days before my period was meant to start. My period didn't come at all.


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Home pregnancy test from any pharmacy
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Yes I think you are pregnant. Now you are committed for the next 18 years to the baby and to the guy that you had sex with will be in your life forever even though you probably will break up in a week or two.
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Crystal Smith
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I hope that he understands and doesn't break up with me. We love each other. He loves me unconditionally.
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Wait about two weeks after you have had sex, then take a home pregnancy test .  Good luck . 
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Grow up little girl! I mean you have posts on here saying you're five months and pregnant AND posts on here asking if you're pregnant. Which is it?

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Crystal Smith
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I am pregnant, I only took a test 6 hours after I posted this and it came up as positive. I now know that I am 5 months pregnant as the last time I had sex was then.

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