Is CT Scan And MRI Harmful For Health? If It Is, Then To What Extent?


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I almost died with a cat scan because they needed to due the dye and it is an iodine base and I am allergic to iodine so I have to take prednisone starting 13 hours before the test and then I have to take Benadryl.  My doctor told me that ct scan and MRI are just like regular exrays but much more harmful.  They say that with the dye it gives a true reading of all the little things in the body
Hey lovie...I have had many of both.  Recently they have discovered the mri taken with the injection of dye can be fatal.  I have had that one too...the shot contains radioactive materials and gave me a terrible migraine.
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Both CT scan and MRI are safe and does not cause health problems. Only too much exposure to x-rays of Ct scan can be problem but usually it is not. The MRI use Magnetic field and harmless. Your doctor is not referring for Ct or MRI because you do not need it.
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CT scanners bombard the human body with x-ray beams, which can damage
DNA and create mutations that spur cells to grow into tumors but MRI on other hand is not harmful to body it is totally safe.

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