Is Mold In Drywall Harmful To Your Health?


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Take into consideration the thousands of flood damaged homes & buildings in the New Orleans Hurricane devastation, the walls, especially the sheetrocked walls were inplace but were covered with black spots. This was mold, a living and reproducing organism. The mold spores when air borne by winds or physical contact are susceptible to being inhaled by people. The warm, dark and moist location inside the lungs are the perfect growing place for mold.

Use a water and disinfectant solution to kill the living mold were it can be seen. Attempt to seal the entire affected areas with a primer paint. As for the otherside of the wall and ceiling areas that have been damp, where you do not have access, there maybe no way to control other than to hope there is no more moisture or enough warmth for it to live and grow.

Persistent growth would mean the sheetrock or whatever the materials are would have to removed and of course replaced.
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Molds refer to microscopic organism that live on plant and animal matter. Molds can grow because of moisture. Since moisture can be found indoors so it is can cause a problem in various parts of your home. It is harmful as it causes health problems such as allergy, hay fever, asthma, eyes and nose irritation etc. For more details see the link below:
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Is mold harmful in drywall

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