How Many 20mg Ritalin Would A Person Have To Take In One Day To Fail A Ua And Is It An Amphetamine Or Methamphetamine?


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If you were prescribed the Ritalin then you have nothing to worry about. I had the same issue with my Adderal. When I was asked why I would have tested positive for stimulants, I explained it is due to the medication I take for my ADD. I also advised the testing center of this before I took the test.
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I have random UAs and am on Methylphenedate for my ADHD and can pass each test with flying colors. But they are testing for meth specifically. I don't think it matters though because all amphetamines will break down to the same to be excreted in your urine. Anyway if you have a script you're fine anyway! I wouldn't take advice from any of us though get a home test and do an experimental dry run! Let us know!
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The Ritalin Contains methylphenidate which is an stimulant and used to treat ADHD. It com under narcotics drug and also used as abuse. The detection of any drug is actually detection of group of drugs. E.g. The Ritalin, methamphetamine and amphetamine belong to same group that is stimulants. The drug test will detect the stimulant group which show that person is positive for stimulants. This can be Ritalin, methamphetamine or amphetamine. The single dose of Ritalin can be tested positive after 1-2 days of last use in urine test and 90 days in hair follicle test.
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