What Does A Healing Extracted Tooth Look Like?


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This website provides you with some good images of a healing extracted tooth area: www.maviefolle.com/wp1/2009/01/the-healing-process-of-a-toot
  • The area of your mouth where the tooth has been extracted will be red at first, even a little inflamed.
On the first day of extraction the area will be "upset" from having a tooth taken out. The skin will feel a little soft and inflamed. Since stitches are used it can also be a little rough. You may notice a little blood is still on the area due to bleeding even after the tooth has been extracted and the area closed so that it can heal.

You mouth has a great ability to heal. In two days your mouth can heal, meaning those with mouth diseases such as gingivitis who start brushing properly can find their gums healed within 48 hours. It also lends to the discussion at hand. Given that your gums can heal quickly you should notice the pain recedes after a day or so as long as the gum where the tooth was is not irritated.

The patch of skin should go back to looking like a normal color of pink like the rest of your gums. Any blood that leaked should be washed away. The area should not look infected.

  • If pain occurs, visit your dentist
If you have pain in the area of the extracted tooth, you need to visit your dentist right away. If you feel that the gum looks infected, you definitely need to seek a medical professional such as your dentist. You do not want to play around with your mouth if there is an issue. As we are not medical professionals, we can only offer the advice that one seeks medical treatment if there seems to be a problem. An inflamed gum or pain in the area of the extraction that does not feel normal or recede after a few days should be looked at by a dentist.
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A clot forms over the socket. May have some white film over the clot. If it is a primary tooth and it was time for the tooth to be loss it will have a clot and will heal quite quick if the mouth is kept clean
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It is still swollen on the in side  I have a little indention on the inside gum of tooth 17 it is causing me some discomfort.

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