How Long After Having All Your Teeth Pulled Can You Be Fitted For Dentures?


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This mainly depends on how sensitive your gums are and whether you are going to have the immediate type of dentures or the normal type.  If you rinse your gums well with salt water, then you may be able to get a new fitting in about 4 weeks.

You can be fitted with the immediate type of dentures straight after your teeth have been removed, in this manner your dentist will measure and make a model of your jaws so as to enable him or her to make a mold of your dentures.

The only advantage with immediate dentures is that you don’t have walk around with no teeth at all, but rather have something temporarily fitted in your mouth.  However, there is a risk associated with this type as it may cause your gums to shrink whilst they are in the process of healing.  Again, during this period, you will have to constantly make adjustments to your dentures.

If you opt for conventional or normal dentures, then you will have to wait for at least 4 to 6 weeks after your gums have healed.  If you do have any remaining teeth, you could also get partial dentures as these will serve on a temporary basis whilst you await your full dentures to be ready.

It is best to have a qualified dentist examine your gums and recommend the most suitable type of dentures, especially if you are not too keen on having surgical instruments re-adjust your gums on a regular basis.
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Gums will heal quite rapidly if you rinse often with salt water.  After my last extraction, I was able to be fitted after 2 weeks and a few adjustments to dentures had to be made as when gums are healed they still receede.  I have to go for  realignment in 6 months which is normal.  I should wear my partial more often as my teeth are shifting, going to put it in now.  By the way, most people cannot tell when I am not wearing my partial unless I speak french, stange huh
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Most people do not wait to put in their dentures. It is done the same day. I had mine in within the hour. You will get a better fit if you wait, however having no teeth for an extended period of time is not feasible for most working people or anyone who socially can't go weeks without teeth. I have had the top denture for ten years now and it fits and feels good, I have had no issues whatsoever. I am very happy with the entire process, then and in hindsight.
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The dentist likes to wait for the swelling to leave the gums because as your gums shrink you dentures will become loose and will have to keep being adjusted....good luck
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If you did not receive immediates then a good measure to use is when you will be able to chew gum with your gums comfortably." this is so you will be able to bite down on your impressions" but you will still have to have them refitted in about six months for your permanant dentures the longer you can wait the better to ensure a long good fit then in 5 to 10 years you will want to have them refitted again. I hope this helps
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Yes,the same day! They are called immediate dentures,but as your gums do shrink they will get loose and you can have them "soft relined"until they fit.Then in about 6 mos your gums and bones will have shrunk enough to get your permanent dentures
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You can have your dentures right away if all the molding was done prior to having you teeth pulled. I had mine put in the same day.
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It is best to wait till the ridges are rounded,
every person heals differently
but a 3 month heal time will ensure you will need less frequent adjustments or relines to your dentures
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My dentist wants to fix all my teeth but I want them all out will I go to a diffrent dentist
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Immediate dentures are always available to you.  There will be some adjustments to dentures during healing time.  Eventually your denture will fit when healing is complete.  It takes a little while to adjust but really it is worth it.  Relax
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Depends on how long it takes for your gums to heal. Sometimes two to three weeks

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