What Can Cause My Left Ankle Swollen?


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If you are noticing some swelling in your ankle, and you haven’t twisted it, it could be fluid retention or tendonitis.
If a person has bad circulation then even a walk up a hill can cause swelling, equally in both ankles. If this same person though, were to do this walk up a hill for seven days in a row, then the ankle would no longer swell up surprisingly. As the body is getting used to exercise, the circulation becomes much better.

If this has not been caused from a walk up a hill however, then a thorough investigation is needed.
Aside from fluid having gathered in the ankle, another possible reason could be that there is inflammation around, or in, the joint.

A doctor can take your blood sample as well as your urine sample to find out the exact problem, but here are some of the most common reasons why an ankle could swell:

A sprained or broken ankle is definitely going to swell, and even if the sprain wasn’t severe, swelling will occur to some degree, as will a stress fracture.

Arthritis in the ankle is not as common as any other degenerative change in your other joints. Ankle arthritis is very painful and is found in people who have rheumatoid arthritis or someone who has previously injured their ankle joint.

A collection of what is known as uric acid crystals that are in the actual fluid of the ankle is known as Gout. A person with gout has an abnormal amount of this uric acid and it causes swelling and inflammation inside the joints.

Blood that is not flowing properly can block normal circulation and cause the swelling. This is known as a Vascular Obstruction and forms a blood clot which is also called a DVT. This usually happens in only one limb, rather than both, and causes swelling in the soft tissues in the ankle and the foot.

Another circulatory problem is a peripheral edema, but this happens in both the legs. It can be due to aging veins and causes chronic swelling from the pressure put on one's legs or when pregnant, obese or if you have varicose veins.

Lastly, an infection, although rare in the ankle, can cause swelling and is healed with medication and sometimes surgery.
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You my have done something to the ligament because I have hurt my ankle four times and my doctor said it could be a ligament partial tear, complete tear, or a strong over stretching of the ligament. My doctor also told me to see a orthopedics for my ankle and the orthopedics my want to see a MRI on your foot. Hope this helps!!!!
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You might have sprained it pretty bad.
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I had something similar and it was 'tendonitis'.  Can swell and be very tender.
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Twists would be a little swollen, and if you can't turn your ankle in full circles with out pain then you probably twisted or sprained it possibly a break/fracture... You should probably ice it and elivate it by putting it up on something high but not to high like a pillow and ice on top... If it keeps swelling I would wrap it up in ace bandage... And rest it ALOT

It has happened to me 3 times I wrapped it up and iced 2 times a day

Another suggestion is that if it gets worse and starts bruising,  and you can't walk on it or move it around, I would see a docter, even if it's not broken or sprained I was 10 when I went to the docter and it turned out being really badly sprained and they made me walk on crutches and they wrapped it up

So if that ends up happening ya, you may want to go to the docter, they can provide you with what you will really need ..

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My ankle started hurt about week ago. I was thinking it is have to do something with my sciatica,I had a treatment for that , but my left ankle hurts and is swollen when I walk or stand.Still hurts even I am sitting. What can be the problem?
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I have the same problem in my left ankle only? This has been going on for 2 1/2 years now. I have had x-rays, 2 ultrasounds on my leg, and an MRI of my veins i think in the pelvis area, and no doctor has been able to figure it out yet?? It is very uncomfortable, and I just wish some doctor would figure out what the heck is wrong with me??
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Swollen Ankle is common serious problem of everyone. It's cause to injury is the ligaments which hold the ankle in place to be stretched beyond their normal range.
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I;ve been on medication too, I'm 20 yrs old and I'm on anti depressant and a medication for m.s Ive also been having major swelling in my left foot recently. So I think it might be normal. But I would go to another doctor just to check and make for sure.
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Swelling can also indicate a break. Best bet is to see your doctor and find out for sure what the problem is.
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My 19 year old daughter has had stomach pain only when she moves, and her ankle has been hurting her as well. This has been going on now for two months. The Doctors have put her on pain killers , she has also had a scan and blood test and every thing is normal.

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