My Feet Smell With Certain Shoes, Why?


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It could be the material the shoe is made from such as plastic or rubber, which will not breath as a leather or cloth shoe. It could also be that the shoes are worn without socks which absorb the moisture from the feet. If not aired out properly and dried the shoes will become like any garment that left unwashed after time, smelly! You may want to wash the shoes if possible or find a method of cleaning the insides and also be sure to wear clean socks and/or use baby or foot powder to help with the moisture absorption.
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The smelly feet due to use of shoes can be due to lack of ventilation in the shoe and sweating. The shoes which are closed can not provide sufficient air inside and the secretion of perspiration from the foot especially from hairs on the toe and fingers cause smell because this perspiration contain some acids. To avoid this some deodorants are available. Change of socks especially made of cotton will also work. For more details, visit Smelly feet.
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Regular feet washing and drying,wash any pumps,trainers when you can and you could try trainer socks,pop socks in your footwear also you can buy a peppermint smelling foot spray that refreshes tired feet throughout the day
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It happens to me to and it is because I have these one type of slipper shoe that I should probably wear socks with but I don't so germs more bacteria and germs enter the shoes making it smell. Your problem could easily be the same. Your feet have bacteria/germs on them then you wear the shoes making them smell!
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The main cause of smelly feet is wearing the same shoes every day. However, this often happens when the pores on your feet can't breathe and bacteria on the skin break down sweat. Shoes such as Birkenstock are great because besides the fact that they are comfortable, they allow your feet breathe.

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Well, this means that the certain shoes your feet smell with are probably either a little too big which causes your feet to sweat or, get to hot.
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Well it might be material that is in the shoe or you need a shower  or you live in a dumpster  try washing your shoes that make you smell . Use dish soap thou it's  what I do! Lol

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