I Have A Foot Oder That Will Not Go Away. I've Used Various Medications, But Nothing Helps, Any Suggestions?


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I just bought these new shoes, and my feet just stink! They are open toe sandals, so they are getting plenty of air. I don't have a foot fungus, and I take a shower every day, and wash my feet about twice a day. Any reason why they might stink?
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One cause of foot odour is a bacterial infection, for which you would need antibiotic prescribed by a doctor. Other cause is fungal infection, for which you can get over the counter creams and sprays. If you have sweaty feet, change socks every day, wear only cotton in summer and wool or cotton in winter. Try to not wear the same shoes every day. Wipe sweaty feet with alcohol wipes, or use surgical spirit. You can use antiperspirant deodorant on your feet if you are sure the above suggestions re infection do not apply to you.
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I know how you feel! For years I tried all kinds of stuff, home remedies, antiperspirant, bleach, alcohol, everything! None of worked! Finally I found a product designed for it and it worked! I don't know if I can say it here but it is called "foot odor cure." It has these cool boots with teeth on the label. I got it on the Internet at foot odor cure dot biz. It also explains all about the problem. Good luck!
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I am also advised that Listerine mouthwash works on smelly feet!
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My brother had that problem. He soaked his feet in clorox. You might try baking soda in your shoes also. Vinegar seems to be a nature cure-all also. Make sure you change your socks regularly too.

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