Is Back And Leg Pain A Sign Of Labor?


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Yes and no, not all pregnancies are the same and whereas back and leg pain can be typical for some in labor it can just be the natural pains caused during ‘lightening’ which is a process that can occur at the latter part of pregnancy. Lightening is the action and subsequent pain caused mainly by the baby moving into the pelvis, which puts pressure onto nerves that effect your back and your legs, it is very uncomfortable and can cause quite a bit of discomfort but moving around and changing positions can ease this discomfort if even momentarily. This may not be an absolute sign of the beginning of your labor but it does serve as an indication that the baby is getting ready to come into the world. You will also be in no doubt when you are actually in full labor as other labor signs will give you an indication that it has begun.
Another sign to look out for that will give you definite signs that the baby is ready to come out but not necessarily mean you are in labor, will be a mucus that usually plugs your cervix keeping it free from infection, it will, when dilation begins unceremoniously unplug and give you a ‘bloody show’ as it is termed. The neck of the cervix, which holds the mucus plug has to dilate in order for the baby to pass through, as this occurs the mucus plug is released and the cervix continues to dilate.  When the cervix is 10cm then the baby will be ready to make her entrance into the world. Another sign to expect in the late stages of pregnancy that can give false indication of labor are Braxton Hicks, these are like a practice run for the uterus where it contracts infrequently, this also causes back and leg pain.
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Labor pain is never continuous. It is similar to period pain but much more in intensity. It is recurring, coming back after every few minutes depending on the stage of labor. Also, it begins in the top portion of the abdomen and radiates through the abdomen and the lower back. However they say every woman's labor is unique so watch out.
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If thats the case im in early labor every night....I have a lot of hip pain but my doctor told me its comes with the end of pregnancy territory

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Since every labor and delivery are different, there is no sure way to say that this is what it is, but if you are close to your due date, then I would just go and see your doctor and go from there. You don't want to have the baby in the car on the way to the hospital. Besides if you do go in, they will tell you if it is, and if you are losing your plug, or anything else like that. Hope this helps, good luck, and congrats.
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Why not phone your local maternity unit and get there advice they may ask you to go in for a check up better to be on the safe side
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The pain is condition of many diseases and conditions like delivery. The labor pain is not continuous but it occur with gape. But the labor is very severe. According to the definition of pain, the most sever pain is of labor and the angina.

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