Can Sore Boobs Tiredness Cramping, Nausea, Leg And Back Pain, Metal Taste In Mouth Hungry And Needing To Pee Be A Sign Of Pregnancy?


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In answer to your question, to the best of my knowledge having been a mother twice myself:

Sore boobs - yes

tiredness - yes

nausea - yes

cramping - no

leg and back pain - sometimes

metal taste in mouth - no

hungry - sometimes

needing to pee - definitely

There is one sure way to find out - visit with your gynecologist.
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After finishing my intercourse, after 2 days,  I am feeling tired and heavy leg pain some times I feel to eat tamarind and chalk piece items.  If tiredness and heavy leg pain starts in the morning I can't do work I should take rest in the evening I become alright  and sometimes it gets starts in the afternoon till evening and night times I suffer in the night times I can't sleep immediately cozy of leg pain
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I am not a doctor but I do not think you leg pain has anything at all to do with intercourse. Leg pain can be caused by any number of things but intercouse is not one of them. You need to see a doctor and let him figure out what is causing your problem. Please do this as soon as you can.
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Metal taste in mouth -
YES!! A common pregnancy symptomSore boobs - yes

tiredness - yes

nausea - yes

cramping - not that I know of.

Leg and back pain - possibly

Increase of appetite- YES

needing to pee - yes

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