Where Can I Find A List Of Brand Name Sulfa Drugs?


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You can find a list of brand name sulfa drugs on www.livestrong.com and www.azcert.com.

Livestrong.com provides details of the drugs, stating what they treat and how they should be taken.

Azcert.com contains a larger list of brand-name sulfa drugs, and provides information on the drug class, comments on the drug and a list of the risks associated with each drug.

Sulfa drugs are used to treat bacterial infections, and are a group of sulfonamide compounds that stop the activity of bacteria.

If you haven’t consumed sulfa drugs before, it’s essential you find out whether or not you will be allergic to any of the active ingredients within these products. An estimated three per cent of people who took this type of substance suffered a serious reaction, and skin reactions, kidney injuries, blood reactions and even lung complications are all potential dangers with continued exposure to sulfa drugs if an allergy is common.

Should you be found to have a severe allergy, expect the medication to be discontinued and for alternatives to be found. Despite the fact that another type of medicine may not have been the first choice for a doctor that’s looking to treat your health complaint, you can be assured that you will be in safe hands under their care.

You may be able to take sulfa drugs without any issues, and there are advantages to this medication, but make sure you seek medical advice so gradual exposure to this chemical compound can be provided.
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The sulfa drugs also called sulfonamide. This is a group of synthetic
antibiotic used for systemic infections. Sulfonylureas and thiazide diuretics are new sulfa drugs. I can not tell
you the brand names of the sulfa drugs because the names might be different in
your country. I am giving you a link which can give you the list of all sulfa
drugs available but the brand names might be different in different countries.
Please visit Sulfa drugs.

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