What Prescription Drugs Contain Benzoylecgonine?


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One of the main prescription drugs that contain benzoylecgonine as a primary ingredient is Esterom, and the primary purpose of the medication is to ease muscle pain that some people suffer from. The only problem is that benzoylecgonine is also a prominent metabolite in cocaine, and urine tests for drug abuse usually assess whether or not this chemical is in the sample.

If your workplace enlists spontaneous drug screening with all of its employees, and if it is a well-known policy, you should let your supervisor know if you take Esterom. This way, if a false positive is returned, there will be a clear explanation and your job won’t be placed at risk unnecessarily. If all you are doing is trying to alleviate discomfort in your muscles, the last thing you want is any hassle.

However, you should always remember that trying to avoid a drugs test or cheat the results is highly dangerous with countless consequences. Not only will you be letting down your family, but you could be compromising your long-term health. Cocaine is a highly dangerous and addictive substance that can impair your mental judgment and result in your body deteriorating quickly with continued exposure. As the body is one of the most important things you’ll ever have, it’s vitally important that you take care of it as best you can. Abusing cocaine and developing an addiction will drastically worsen your quality of life, even though many dependents on the drug are not aware of this fact at the time.

Should you believe that you need help due to a dependence on benzoylecgonine, there are 24-hour hotlines that you can ring in confidence. They will link you up with the right support mechanisms to get your life back on track.
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Hi! I recently had a hair drug test and I admit to using about 3 1/2 gr of crack and that was 65days ago . My test was my test was done on May 21/10 I tested postive for cocaine and Benzoylecgonine but   I don't understand how to read the test results. It says 0-3cm postive for cocaine 1.10 ng/mg and again 3-6 cm at 2.08 ng/mg. Now are they saying that I used more than one time? Beacuse I had 16 months clean from all substances before going out that one time. I relapsed on April 25/10 and test was done May 21/10. Can you explain this to me please?
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Benzoylecgonine can be found in medical products as a topical muscle relaxer, anesthetic or to relieve muscle pain. It is also a metabolite that is created in the liver after drug use, in particular, the use of cocaine, making it the main compound tested for cocaine use during drug screenings. The legality of this compound is in the grey area.

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