I Can Do A Right Split And Almost A Left On And I Have Never Even Stretched Before But I Still Cant Do A Middle Split, Why Is That?


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Sigh... I went to all the trouble to write an extensive answer... Then answered the wrong question. I hate when I do that.
 Ok, you are asking why you can do a right split, almost do a left split, but can't do a middle split, right?
 All right. The answer is probably in the same reason you can't do a left split. There are obviously muscles and tendons that can't flex they way they need to do to perform a left split, and when you attempt a middle split, because you are asking your body to stretch dramatically in two different directions at the same time, that's when you are coming to the limit point. You have to look at the dynamic of the center split, vs a left or right, and since the total direction and combined length you have to stretch to do a middle split is far greater than a left or right, it's simply a matter of available stretch. At some point, you have to run out of give, and without stretching and practicing, you will probably never have the flex necessary.
 So if it's something you really want to be able to do, you are going to have to practice, and work for it... And once you achieve it, you'll have to continue to practice it every once in a while to keep yourself that limber. Our bodies usually try to minimize looseness to match our proven needs. Flex a lot, and you get more limber, only stretch a little, and you lose some of that old limberness...
 Hope this helps in some way, and if so, please rate the answer appropriately. Thanks and have a great day!
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I have the same problem as you......I can do right split and almost left, but I have trouble doing middle splits. This is because the middle splits are much more difficult and even naturally flexible people need to practice before doing it all the way. I hope this helps!!!
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That's because your more flexible in a right split an wen you d0 a rite split..it's easy but left is difficult!! Y d0 you think you can d0 all 0v d0se but a lefty?

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