Do i have a yeast infection? I smell like urine and I have some discharge that almost looks like semen in my underwear and sometimes it burns to pee but I'm still a virgin.


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robin sanders answered
If it burns to use the restroom and your urine has a strong smell to it then you might want to go to the doctor . Iv had yeast infections pretty much my hole life and I'm 17 . My 5 year old neice also keeps yeast infecetions . Go to the doctor to find out foe sure
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rosa baez answered
Sounds like a bacterial infection.  You need an oral med to take for atleast seven days see a doctor.
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Larry Hunt answered
Burning urination could be caused by a bacterial bladder infection or a yeast infection.  Change in discharge - will be thicker if you have a yeast infection.  Virgins do get bladder and yeast infections frequently caused by changes in hormones (ph balance of your vagina affects yeast growth), also can be affected by contamination from bacteria from your bowels and lots of other things. Visit a doctor soon to be safe - antibiotics for bladder infection/antifungal meds for a yeast infection should clear up the problem pretty quickly.

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