My Fingernails Have Started To Bend Down And Curve Under In The Middle. Now The Third Fingers Are Starting To Bend. Can This Be Reversed?


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Usually an insufficient intake of the Vitamin B12 tends to cause excessively dry, very curved and rounded nail ends. The appearance of the nail may also look darkened. However, if your nails are twisting like corkscrews, then it could be that they are simply too long. In some cases, downward-curved nail ends possibly could denote liver, heart or respiratory problems.

If the increased convexity of your nail fold is accompanied by other symptoms such as increased ballotability and a thickening of the entire distal finger, it could be a condition called clubbing. Some symptoms that should not be ignored as they could possibly mean nail problems include pain, changes in colour or shape, dents or ridges appearing in the nail, persistence of white or of black lines etc. It is recommended that these should be reported to your dermatologist.

A few general tips to help you take care of your nails would include keeping them clean and dry, cutting them straight across while rounding them a little at the tip, not biting them or removing the cuticle and using a "fine" textured file.
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When you take a shower, your nails tend to open at the ends and the curl disappears. This means that the curl was caused by a water deficiency in the body.
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This is not a harm full disease. My mom also suffer from this condition
your finger nails are bending down and curved due to the defficiency of calcium and fluoriod and this deficiency is due to the growing age.
1. You need to eat fruits.
2. Homoeopathic medicine can solve your problm easily they are harmless and you feel better difference in few days
my mom eat 1 month homoeopathic medicine and now her nails are fine.
3.Your diet must include (Sagodana, milk,fresh fruits, and fresh vegetables)
please avoid oily food .

In summer there is a great lake of water in aur bodies which make us weak .
Due to the deficiency of water our body caught by many harmful diseases
so try to drink at least 10 glass of water in a day and you fell better
in a few days.
And don't use any nail color or remover on your nail it may be affect your nail
Last is that please be carefull about your diet because this may be due to sugar or skin cancer because Doctor told me this to my mom so please consult the Doctor immediately
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What causes your fingernails to bend/curve on the edge of the nails?
Is there anything I can do to stop this from happening?
What can I do to straighten out my nails or to stop this from happening?
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I noticed a year ago that my middle left fingernail always tend to bend down when I let it grow longer. This year, I can't even at least make it a little longer because it will start bending down once it grows back. And I have 4 other fingernails doing the same thing? Do I have anemia? I started to have splits in the middle to once I hit something hard. I never hd this problem before.
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As long as I can remember when I try to grow my nails they always bend downwards and this happens to all 10 nails.  Is there anything that I can do to correct this problem?
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I don't have long nails all the time but on my left hand my index and middle finger nails tend to curl under when they grow and I was wanting to know what causes this and can it be fixed?
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My fingers nails do this also and it is from anemia. My anemia is pretty severe due to surgeries and heavy menstrual bleeding. How are you feeling otherwise? Typically the nails are just one sign but dizzy spells and fatigue are things you would feel also.
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To much nsaids or aspiran I didn't  know that. They were giving it to me for arthritis and I got very short  of breath I was taken off of it after 3 years of feeling terribly as soon as  they took me off it all my medical problem except the arthritis went away including the crazy way my fingernails about 5 months my fingernails were back to normal

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