Is It Ever Possible To Be Completely Healthy?


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Yes to be completely Healthy one must be experiencing, nutritional well being, emotional, spiritual and physical health
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One can eat healthy, exercise, and have total, perfect mental health, but no, in today's world of pollution, toxins,radiation, infectious agents, and trauma, it is not a possibility.  There are however things one can do to reduce exposure to unhealthy variables.  Eat a balanced diet with fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains.  Wash fruit and vegetables carefully.  Use unsaturated oils such as canola or olive oil.  Cook meats at high temperatures to kill pathogens.  Wash hands often.  Do not demand antibiotics from your doctor, and if prescribed take for the entire time prescribed.  Practice safe sex.  Do not smoke.  Drink alcohol only in moderation and do not drive if your judgment or reflexes are impaired. Exercise. Do things which you enjoy.  Get enough sleep.  Get a pet.  Spend time with people who make you feel alive and happy.
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Yes,it is possible.
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I think it's possible, but if you have health problems, you can solve them. I can advise you to start using CBD for relaxation or if you have insomnia and other mental or physical health problems. I recently found out about broad spectrum hemp oil extract when I started suffering from insomnia and ordered this product for myself. My total wellness has really improved. Also, this oil is often used for pain. I hope this helps you. Good luck, dear!

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In order to keep your health, it is important to monitor its condition constantly. For this purpose, I use, so to speak, screening company, their services are that they come to you, do a test for the diseases you need, and then give you the results from 30 minutes to 24 hours, it helps me a lot, I hope you will also be useful. Cheers everyone!

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