I Need A List Of Foods That Will Lower My Triglycerides? Can You Help?


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Following things your can do

  • Avoid sweet products, white flour, juices and alcohol this will help you to lower
    triglycerides. Instead of this you can have a little wheat pasta, brown rice, barley, oats etc.
  • Don't take too much fruit juices, soda, pastries, candy, cookies and dessert.
  • Instead of alcohol you can have tomato or vegetable juice, club soda, mineral water, sugar-free beverages and so on.

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Basically I have the same problem just not as high as you...
What you need to do is EXERCISE everyday which is key in this whole thing and try to cut down on sugars....
Some other foods you can try is fish specifically salmon because that has omega 3 which is key in lowering triglycerides... Try to no eat so many bagged fruits with jelly substances in them try to eat them FRESH
and basically meats, dairy products stay way from those...
1 % milk is good, almonds (green and brown) are very good and try the cheerios cereal lol cause thats good to.
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Basically what you have to do is LIMIT ALL sweets, sugar, honey, jams, pies, cakes, ice-cream, yoghurts, cereals.
Beer, wine and hard liquor.
CUT DOWN on red meats and especially fried foods.

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