I Had A Tick Bite In My Head. Now 2 Days Later I Have 2 Knots Come Up On The Back Of My Head And The Back Of My Neck. Is This Anything To Worry About?


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You need to get to the doctor and have it looked at, as they carry something called Lyme Disease, which can be a very serious condition. Symptoms might not emerge for quite some time, months and years, so please go and get checked out as soon as you can! Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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A tick bite is nothing to mess with, you need to have this checked out by a Dr. It sounds like you are indeed, having a reaction to the bite. Try to remember the color of the tick, etc, so you can tell the Dr because diff ticks carry diff diseases. Good luck! This part is added by edit: I looked this up and it takes 2-14 days to show bumps. GO NOW TO THE DRs!
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I doubt if these are symptoms from the tick bite. Certainly not lyme disease. Most kids south of the mason dixon had numerous tick bites, growing up. If you're worried about it, see your doc but there's no need to panic.
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Lyme disease can be very serious causing Rheumatoid Arthritis in a matter of very little time. I've know a person who was healthy to a person having difficulty walking. Have you physician check you out; hopefully, you are only having an reaction to this bite. Good luck! vickie

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