I usually wake every day with a severe migraine, and they usually occur/come back 2-4 times per day. Even with the strongest medication I can take, they still come back. Should I go to my doctor about this?


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Also, they usually put a lot of pressure behind my eyes, like they're being squeezed. My mom says it's hereditary, but I'm not so sure..

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It's ALWAYS a better idea to have things like that checked out by a doctor .. NEVER allow assumtions to determine your state of health when you are dealing with something chronic.  Granted, it may very well be 'genetic' but it could also be compromized by other things.  Go and see your doctor .. And get a proper diagnosis before you medicate.

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Migraines ARE hereditary, I can attest to that. Suggestions that I have right off the bat are to make sure you are not dehydrated. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water. Some people that get constant headaches don't realize that they are not drinking enough water. When you get up in the morning and you have a headache, drink a big glass of water.

Migraine systems can include: Sensitivity to light; nausea and vomiting; numbness, weakness or pain on one side of the body. I can take over the counter medicine - Excedrin Migraine works well for me. You might try that and see if that helps.

Some young girls might get migraines right around their period, as if having your period wasn't bad enough! I would suggest that you keep a headache diary - write down what are eating / drinking and when the headache comes, what you were doing, etc. It will help you see a pattern. There are foods that triggers migraines as well. Below is a link that might be helpful. Good luck.


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I usually drink anywhere between 8 to 16 large glasses of water every day, so I don't think it's that.

I take Excedrin 2 to 3 times per day, four at the most if it's really bad, but it still keeps coming at me. It's starting to get to the point that I'll forget what I was literally just about to do (two to three seconds before I was about to do whatever it was, I mean).

On days that it's really bad, like today, I've noticed that right before it hits again, I get a dull, nauseating pain on both sides where my spine connects to my skull.

Ever since I began to have these, No other medication but Excedrin helps, and it only seems to numb it for a small while. Ever since they've began, I have also noticed a sort of "dyslexic" pattern in both my writing, and in my speech. Most of the time when I open my mouth, I'll stutter and stumble over my words to where sometimes I can't even comprehend what I have just said.

It's an every day thing with my migraines, and I'm starting to worry a bit about it. I mean, I'm hoping that it really is JUST because it's hereditary and not something else because my family is financially unstable enough as it is, and I don't want to worry whether or not they will lose everything it's something I need treatment for.
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They have some wonderful medications now for migraines. Also, what helped me out was going to a chiropractor. It took six months, meeting once a week, before he was able to get rid of my migraines. I had suffered for over 20 years with them. Now when I get them, I take some meds I got from my doctor. When they come more frequently, I go to the chiro to get adjusted.
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It is not a "given" but research in the past 20 years has established a link between some migraines and hypertension.

Depending upon your age and your lifestyle, this might be a worry. You should get to a doctor.

Better to be safe than sorry.

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You should see your doctor but you also might want to change your pillow. I just bought a new pillow and woke up the first two days with the worst headache. I gave my husband the new pillow and went back to my old pillow.

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You might try to go to chiropractor for your mygraine .they can help sometimes

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Sounds like a cluster headache.  You should see your doctor. I suffered for years with them. 

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