Did The Gynecological Ultrasound To "Abdominal" Show If I Am Virgin Or Not?


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Thanks blurtit team for honoring me to answer this question. The ultrasound of pelvic region does not cover the area where the hymen is located so it can not tell whether a lady is virgin or not. But studies show that presence or absence of hymen is not the sign of virginity. If ultrasound cover the hymen area and the lady is not having hymen, even then it can not prove that she is virgin or not. Only physical examination and few tests can tell.
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No, the ultrasound would not show whether or not you are a virgin, unless it shows you are pregnant, in which case the answer is obvious.  But you need to be honest with your doctor.  For one thing, your doctor can answer a lot more of your questions is he or she knows you are being honest and frank.  Also, if you are sexually active or think you may be soon, you would want to discuss methods of birth control as well as preventing sexually transmitted diseases - some of which can be fatal, as I'm sure you know. 
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No, but you should always be 100% honest with your doctor!!! No matter what! Don't you watch House?
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No, but you do need to get yearly pap smears once you are sexually active. I don't know how old you are? Your gynecologist or family doctor will know if you are a virgin upon physical examination. I hope this answers your question. Peace

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