If I Am 16 Weeks Pregnant When Did I Conceive? I Can Not Remember The Date Of My Last Period.


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I was 17 weeks in the middle of January 2011 ,when would be my due date and when I conceive?
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Pregnancy is calculated from first day of your last menstrual period. Expected date of conception is calculated by adding two weeks in the first day of last menstrual period. As you don't remember your first day of last menstrual periods, expected conception dates can not be calculated by common calculations. Another way to know possible date of conception is to have a ultrasound which will tell gestational age of the fetus in weeks. You can convert these weeks in to days and can calculate your first day of pregnancy. Add two weeks in this date, this will be possible date of conception. Please not all methods of calculating conception dates tell only possibility not exact date of conception.
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My due date was April 30th, but I can't remember when I conceived. Can you help me?
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Sounds like you may need an ultrasound to give you a idea of how far along you are.

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