Do Some Women Have Over-Sized Vaginas?


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Many women worry about the size of their vagina. This makes sense, considering how important a woman's vagina is to her sense of sexuality.

The truth is that, unless you've had several children, it's unlikely that your vagina is 'too big'.

However, if you're still worried, I'd recommend you book an appointment with a gynecologist.

Women who have over-sized vaginas
There are several myths out there regarding the size of women's vagina. Some people seem to think that the vagina can be 'stretched out' by the amount of sex she has, or by the size of her sexual partner's penis. This is complete baloney!

A woman's vagina is very flexible, and vaginal muscles can expand and contract during intercourse.

The main reason a woman might end up with an unusually large vagina is due to childbirth - during which the vaginal muscles are put under great strain, which this can cause them to weaken.

When having intercourse, this might lead to a lack of sensation for both partners, which is the main reason people who've had several children often worry about having an overly-large vagina.

Luckily, performing pelvic floor exercises can go some way to tightening the vaginal muscles, and this is mentioned as part of post-natal care in most countries.

If you're concerned about the size of your vagina, I'd recommend you pay your doctor a visit for a quick examination.

Alternatively, sites like NetDoctor are helpful sources of medical information.

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60% ladies have normal vagina, 10% smaller and 30% larger.

The vaginal walls are flexible and have different sizes at different times. Under resting conditions, the diameter of the vagina is less than an inch, and its length can be 3-4 inches.

During intercourse, this changes. Normally, the length of the vagina is 6 inches. But during intercourse a women can stretch up to 9 inches.

Vagina size can be increased due to childbirth or ageing. A large-sized vagina is sometimes called 'vaginal prolapse', and requires treatment.

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