Why Would My Right Hand Go Numb?


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This could be many things including diabetes, carpal tunnel, blood clot, pinched nerve or a trapped nerve somewhere. If in any doubt I strongly advise you should consult your doctor for immediate medical attention. The fact of the matter is all the signs point towards an ailment which can be better described as Carpul Tunnel.
This is not a nice feeling to have and the symptoms are painful at first but, if detected early, it will fade over time. It makes your hands and fingers go numb and a have a pins and needles sensation.
It also usually hurts more around your thumb area. There is usually a pain which is kind of like a bee sting that can occur and it is a short sharp pain. There are ways to treat this with steroid creams or lotions and ointments.
It can be treatable by therapy or by wearing a special brace that fits onto the hand.
Symptoms might be so bad that your doctor might advise you to have surgery and therapy. At the very best you should have it checked out before the problem develops or worsens.
If you begin to start losing feeling in your grip or hand then immediately go to the hospital but make sure you have insurance. You will then be able to be referred to a doctor or clinic.
For one piece of hand surgery it can cost up to two thousand dollars so it is not cheap. Don't let lack of insurance prevent or stop you from seeking medical advice.
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Allen nadar answered
Anemia or you're working too hard.
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Arthur Wright answered
Not used to doing that much or could be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
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John Hamilton answered
It is really common especially when you get up after sleeping...This happens when our hands are inactive or have been put under pressure like sleeping with our heads on top of it the whole night...To get rid of this just keep washing it under cold water...hope it helps!
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It's called repetitive strain injury it means you're using that hand too much it happens to me I'm left handed and use it constantly. You can get a special bandage that protects your hand while using it also I was told there was an operation they can do to help it but don't quote me on that.
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Probably potassium she referred to from bananas.
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Poor circulation.  Try moving your hands around frequently.  You could also have low calcium.  You are suppose to drink between 3-4 glasses per day.  If you don't like milk, you may want to take a calcium supplement.  Also, you could be lacking (I can't think of the vitamin) but it is in bananas.  That will help also.  Maybe take a daily multivitamin will help, and exercise your hands, etc. (should also help).  You are probably just lacking something in your diet, I would say.  Good luck.

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