Why Is My Right Heel And Inside Foot Numb?


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Great question. Almost stumped me, but I'm pretty sure I know what happened here. During a weekend trip to Cancun, you were walking on the beach, enjoying the sensation of warm sand between tired toes when, oops, you stepped on a big shard of glass and naturally fainted. Next thing you know, you wake up on the beach and you can't feel your foot. Well, probably, while you were out, you were carted off to hospital and fixed up and then they put you back on the beach before the anaesthetic wore off, because they do everything they can to ensure you have a wonderful holiday in Cancun. You'll see the stitches if you take off your sock, and can expect the feeling to return in the next two to three minutes. (I suppose it's remotely possible that I've got some of the details wrong here, in which case you might want to consider consulting a doctor.)

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