How Bad Is Weed For You?


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Let's look at it this way. A smoker will smoke anywhere from 5 to 2 packs a cigarette a day. When a person smokes pot, it's not at the same level of intensity as a smoker. If it was, then yes, pot would be even more dangerous than tobacco smoke. Pot contains more of the bad stuff (ammonia, hydrogen cyanide).

But consider there are benefits of pot. It's use for medicinal purposes has helped countless patients of cancer, AIDS & glaucoma.

My own opinion is cigarettes are worse due to the amount of cigarettes a person smokes. Whereas pot is used as a recreational drug and smoked sparingly.
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Hi, Everyone will have their own aspects for smoking weed. To me cigs are more addictive in the long run for most, but weed which I have no reason to lie, Yes I have done this once in awhile, but since I have had my 2 daughters, this I give up. It just makes you feel relaxed, their is legal weed, that to me is necessary for cancer patients if they choose. I had a Grandmother who suffered at age 52 for 7 long yrs, now they gave her some in a pill form, she tried it and didn't like it. For Medical reasons I don't see a problem with it.
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i think ciggs are more addicting than weed
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See weed is really addicting than ciggs because people smoke weed more now than ciggs becaouse it makes them feel good or to make more money
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We all have our own opinions on the subject. But studies have proven that weed is illegal and cigarettes are not. So if you ask me, which you just did, i would say that pot is the worst because i like to disagree with other people and start arguments which will turn up on Dr. Phil someday. Channel 5 at 5 o clock eastern time. It's a good show and it changed my life for the better. I was once addicted to cheese but i am no more addicted to cheese. Instead of eating cheese Dr. Phil has convinced me to smoke 5 packs a day instead. It's a healthy way to start over my life.
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All of you people must be retarded. You sound like a bunch of idiots who have an extremely hard time speaking. Are any of you capable of spelling? Seriously 90%of your answers make no sense at all.
As for the actual question, weed is perfectly fine if you only use it once in a while.
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Not as bad as the Liquor, but worse than not smoking weed!
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Look at it this way: Fags kill weed DOESNT!

Weed side affects hungry happy sleepy

fags side affects cancer
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Its not as bad if used railey but it sill has tar in it witch is very bad see weed is bad but not as bad a cigeartes

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