How Long Does It Take To Regenerate Your Sperm Count After Quitting Marijuana?


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Very little is known about how long it takes to regenerate the sperm count of a male after quitting marijuana.

It is unclear whether sperm count levels can ever return to the levels they were at before you started smoking cannabis.

However, what is known throughout the scientific community, is the impact that marijuana has on sperm.

How long does it take for my sperm to regenerate?
The effects of THC (the active chemical in marijuana) on the sperm:

  • Numerous scientific studies have proven that men who regularly smoke cannabis have significantly less seminal fluid, and a lower sperm count.
  • Marijuana smokers' sperm was also more likely to experience "burn-out". Burn-out is when the sperm swim too fast upon entering the vagina, rather than conserving their energy for the fertilization of the egg.
  • It has been known for some time that sperm contain receptors, which are stimulated by THC and other chemicals present in marijuana.
  • THC is stored in fat cells for a long time after you finish smoking it. It may be the case that this THC in the fat cells continues to alter the behaviour and number of your sperm for a long time after you stop smoking.

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