Will Sonne 7 Cleanse Of Cocaine?


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It has been suggested that Sonne's 7 will stop cocaine from showing up in a drug test. However, most modern drug testers are aware of the products that are available on the market to try and cleanse the body for testing. This means that the chemicals that are found within Sonne's 7 are just as likely to show up on a drug test.

While someone may not show up positive for taking drugs, it may be detected that they have taken Sonne's 7. The tester will therefore assume that the person being tested is trying to hide something in their system and either fail them or make them retest.

  • Body cleansing
Sonne's 7 is not created with the intention of being used for cleansing the body for drug testing. It is meant for use by people who want to cleanse all fecal matter from their system. Their maintenance and cleansing programs are made with the customer's health in mind.

• Cleansing for drug tests

There are many websites and stores that offer treatments that claim to be able to cleanse the system in order to pass drug tests. These vary from drinking vinegar to food supplements, such as Sonne's 7. As mentioned previously, drug testers are aware of all the products out there and know exactly what to look for. Hair follicle drug tests can detect usage for the last six months, something that no short term fix of cleansing can cover.

It is highly recommended that anyone who is taking a drug test should not try and cover up their tracks. Drug tests are ordered for good reason and anyone who has to take part in one should be honest. In the majority of cases the truth will be found out later down the line.

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