How To Sleep After Taking Cocaine?


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Cocaine use is illegal in most countries. One of the main reasons for this is that major side effects result from using cocaine, such as a lack of energy and sleeplessness.

  • Effects
There are many suggested cures for overcoming lack of sleep ranging from drinking additional coffee and water to having sex! There are no tried and tested remedies to assist with sleep after taking cocaine because the cocaine can vary from batch to batch and the impact also varies with individuals.
Using cocaine will provide an initial 'high' which can take effect within minutes. The length of the effect can vary depending on different factors. Once the effect wears off, the user may feel the need for further intake. Continued use of cocaine will almost certainly lead to insomnia and weight loss amongst other things.

  • Symptoms
Depending on the level of cocaine use it will effect blood pressure and body temperature. Initially, after taking, cocaine users will feel energetic and even euphoric but later, the side effects include anxiety and nausea and muscle spasms. Because cocaine use is unregulated there is no comeback for users who have purchased it on the black market.

  • Tolerance
With increased usage of cocaine, tolerance of its effects increase. To have the same effect a greater volume needs to be consumed which in turn leads to greater damage and increasing side effects - the user may suffer from greater bouts of depression. This can often only be cured or lifted by a higher intake of the drug. Water and coffee are the most commonly used remedies but there is no definite way of helping to sleep after cocaine use.
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Sometimes it just wont happen try to relax maybe play a game or something weed doesnt really help. Got to wait it out cocaine is a helluva drug
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Smoke the biggest spliff you can lay your hands on!
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I for sure wouldnt take any pills to sleep it could stop your breathing/heart I would drink some beer to try to even it out.
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You need to stop taking Cocaine, seek professional help fast, before it's too late. If you stop you maybe able to sleep, can't you see it is bad for you. Take care.
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I hate it when ppl answer with "don't do it" that's really goin to help you at the time & really, why bother commenting?? WE KNOW ITS NOT GOOD FOR YOU DUH~~~~~~~~~~~~~I take a sleep aid, but it all depends on how much you've done....counteracting can be a really bad answer.....a little = sleep aid....a lot = wait it out & eat.

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