How Do You Preserve Cocaine Over A Long Period Of Time Without Using It? Does Putting It In The Refrigerator Really Work?


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Like most prescription drugs and other substances, cocaine can begin to lose its strength and effectiveness after a while. This decrease may be sped up if the cocaine is stored in an unsuitable place. Most consumables last longest in a cool, dry and dark place so, as a rule, the same ideals can be applied to cocaine. Avoiding moisture is the best way to keep the powder fine and easy to separate, as if it becomes damp it will only break away as chunks that are not as effective and more difficult to use. A fridge can provide the cool, dry and dark space for cocaine but it probably does not preserve it any better than a desk drawer or cupboard would. The risk of food leaking and moisture from the back of the refrigerator could cause the cocaine to become damp too, meaning that storing the drugs elsewhere is probably a better option.

Cocaine is a very popular recreational drug but the possession, cultivation and distribution of it for reasons other than medicinal or governmental are all highly illegal in most parts of the world. The estimated cocaine market in America is over $7 billion, representing over 50 per cent of the world’s consumption. The widespread usage of the drug has caused users many health problems both physically and mentally. It is the second-most popular recreational drug in the world after marijuana, and is often referred to a ‘party’ drug due to the side effects of increased energy cocaine releases. With over 600 metric tonnes of cocaine being consumed across the world each year, it is a difficult to control the usage of cocaine, and extensive illicit trading networks mean most users find it relatively easy to purchase. If you are trying to preserve cocaine, do be aware of the laws of possessing such a drug, and the consequences you may face.

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